Modular Pre School Classrooms

Modular classrooms are today, the most influential construction methods used, proving to be the most cost-effective way to set up pre-schools. 

Warm, safe and comfortable learning environments are being adapted to help improve today’s educational needs. Children of the age of 3-5 now start school before entering a primary learning environment to practice the core curricular of Key Stage 1.

Cotaplan work with government and academy run schools across the UK to accommodate schools expanding current school building premises or otherwise replacing to better facilitate school needs. A modular classroom can open doors and opportunities to save money and at the same time, meet school environment requirements.

Where buildings are concerned, regulations and school policies are an integral part of development when new structures are built to accommodate teachers and pupils.  Therefore Cotaplan ensure no stone is left unturned in making preschools realistic and affordable.

A package that comes with flexibility

A modular building is designed in the same way from the beginning as any other building. However, they have far more positives that prevent downtime, allowing pre-schools to continue working and functioning whilst being environmentally friendly.

Eco-friendly design and construction

Modular nursery systems are designed using prefabricated boards. Cotaplan hold recycled construction parts which through design and engineering can be quickly adapted to offer any nursery countless design possibilities and options to customise a pre-school on or off plan.  Recycled modular classrooms are available to purchase or hire from Cotaplan.  With the workmanship and design skills and ready stock holds, Cotaplan believe price is not an issue when helping to achieve a new or extending pre school.  Cotaplan have been able to successfully assemble pre-schools with any given budget.

Modular Finish and Fitting Options

Design your prefabricated classrooms the way you need your pre-school to function and operate, whether you buy, hire, temporarily lease or rent:

Interior Modular Fixtures

  • Central Heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Fire Doors
  • Multi room Toilets
  • Changing Rooms
  • LED Lighting
  • Data ports
  • Safety Windows
  • Carpets or tile flooring
  • Kitchens and sink units

Exterior  Modular Fixtures

  • Ramps and wheelchair access
  • Cladding
  • Safety doors

Find out why Pre Schools have turned to Cotaplan to help with school needs

Whilst Cotaplan have supplied numerous design plans leading to full completion at a number of small and large school sites in the UK, each and every building has been very different size and shape forms of modular construction, including 1 and 2 storey level floors.  Cotaplan believe schools choose Cotaplan modular services because of the versatility Cotaplan can adapt and design a modular building. With a substantial number of ex stock classrooms for sale at Cotaplan, the workmanship and design skills that go into producing a totally new or recycled pre fabricated building is by far one of credible traits. To find out more about completed pre school modular classrooms by Cotaplan, browse the Pre School case studies: