Modular University Classrooms

 Most universities tend to struggle to meet the needs of their students and staff as far as buildings are concerned. University modular buildings however can fulfil those needs. Modular buildings can be added to a permanent building structure and designed specifically to cater to all the educational needs of the university. Some of their uses include creating spaces for lecture rooms as well as union rooms for students.

Why Should Universities Consider Modular Buildings

If you are looking for comfortable and suitable environment for your university staff and students, then modular buildings make commercial sense. These building systems offer many advantages that you may not have considered.

They Cater to Emergencies

If your university has to deal with emergencies, then you may need to consider hiring a modular building. It is never an event you can plan for but temporary accommodation can be delivered and managed by Cotaplan. In the unfortunate event of emergencies like fire or flooding, we understand business needs to take place as usual. We can have many modular accommodation at your the university within a very short time frame, where your staff and students can continue to feel warm and secure in the alternative accommodation provided my Cotaplan. One of the reasons why modular buildings fare well to emergency situations is mainly because they very easy to construct and Cotaplan are extremely proud of their time management record in completing accommodation fully erect and fitted.

They Fulfil Specific Needs

Not all buildings that universities need adhere to the normal constructions methods. Some buildings have specialist requirements that can be hard to fulfil. Having university modular buildings however is the best way to meet those requirements.

Universities are ever expanding and now modern developments have now enabled Cotaplan to deliver bespoke  modular systems in 1 and two storey sections to create specialist rooms for learning, seminars, sports and laboratories.  The beauty of modular buildings for universities is the fact that they can meet any needs that individual institutions of higher learning need.

Find out why universities and colleges have turned to Cotaplan to help with building needs 

Whilst we have supplied a wide range of modular building from temporary to permanent, we believe customers choose our services because of the wide range of ways we can deliver a modular buildings. With many ex stock for sale at Cotaplan, we have produced quality and craftsmanship for even our bespoke briefs. Read about Cotaplans higher education case study: University of Cumbria