Modular School Sports Halls

Every school needs a little more space to ensure every classroom is designed to illustrate the focus of the perfect learning environment. Sports halls are no different and for primary schools, sport halls are a central space that are typically multifunctional for a number of uses.

As the capacity of a school grows, it often become logistically difficult to continue to use one space as a multi-purpose environment without making sacrifices to school curricular activities.

A modular sports hall configured for Primary schools can now be designed, delivered and installed at any location at affordable short or long term costs.

Modular classrooms are cleverly designed by Cotaplan with 30 years of ingenuity and craftsmanship to supply the education sector. Modular systems such as sports halls can occupy all the functional qualities of a structural building equalling durability, strength and comfort. Modular sports halls can even be adjoined to your current primary school facility making it accessible to use for both abled and disabled pupils.

Permanent modular sports halls from Cotaplan

Primary Schools are choosing permanent sport facilities because it comes down to cost restraints. Cotaplans close connection with school boards, local authorities means Cotaplan are delighted to offer finance solutions to help schools fulfil higher pupil occupancy comfortably.

Benefits of a modular sports hall for primary school

  • Keep all sports activities on your curricular throughout the year.
  • Utilise a dedicated space specifically for sports activities only.
  • Upgrade your sports halls to facilitate apparatus.
  • Attach a modular building to your current school structure.
  • Condition the halls with temperature controlled heating or air conditioning to aid learning or sport take place comfortably for children.

Cotaplan work with

Local Education Authorities, School Governors, Consultants, Architects, Facility Managers, Headmasters, Teachers and Learning Charities. School Sector Expertise
All primary modular systems are offered complete turnkey solutions for 1 or 2 storey systems to suit the educational needs of

  • Pre schools & Nurseries
  • Primary Schools
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN)
  • Secondary Schools
  • Academies & Sixth Forms
  • Sixth Form Colleges
  • Universities
  • Learning Charities

Find out why schools have turned to Cotaplan to help with sports hall needs

When budgets are at the forefront of any new school development, Cotaplan’s adaptable and flexible finance options allow Cotaplan to show schools how they can fulfil their needs while making a conscious effort to save schools money.

Commitment to being environmentally friendly

One of the innovative ways Cotaplan have helped primary schools financially has been to provide schools with ex stock. This means, Cotaplan can refurbish modular systems and customise panels to help with affordability and set at a fixed price even after completion. By recycling ex stock modular classrooms, Cotaplan help schools to reduce the carbon footprint even in transportation.