Modular Secondary Classrooms

Pupils and students are the heart of every secondary school learning environment. Cotaplans modular solutions go far beyond classroom settings. Talking to many teachers, pupils and students, Cotaplan understand as school children become students and as they grow and learn, education changes and the level of social spaces are now apart of a school setting, where social interaction and study should integrate seamlessly.

Cotaplan have wealth of experience and knowledge about the needs and requirements of secondary school facilities and when a budget is first on the agenda. This means Cotaplan firmly focus on what secondary school requirements are and is able to cleverly design an affordable solution designed to work with budgets even at a flat cost.

Whilst any building requires compliance with building regulations, Cotaplan have a long standing history of developing and innovating new modular school buildings in accordance to disabled access policy’s.

Cotaplan regularly design and plan modular secondary classrooms with:

Local Education Authorities, School Governors, Consultants, Architects, Facility Managers, Headmasters, Teachers and Learning Charities.

Benefits of Modular Buildings for Sixth Form Students

1. High Configuration Options

One of the major benefits of opting for modular buildings to house students is the configuration capabilities of this kind of technology. These buildings do not need columns to offer support, giving you more space to for learning equipment.

2. Designed and Built to Suit

When it comes to design and construction of secondary modular classrooms for students and pupils, schools have the opportunity and freedom to appreciate the versatility of how the classroom should look like and adapt to future needs.  Buildings of this nature can accommodate a wide variety of roofing and flooring options, which allows versatility to select what suits the needs of students and management in the best way possible, whether its to cloak sound or invite more natural light and introduce hard wearing flooring, Cotaplan will seek to provide schools with the options that deliver expectations.

3. Wide Range of Sizable Secondary School Accommodation

Contrary to what people may think, modular buildings are not necessarily limited to small sizes. The facility that students require in terms of space will usually be determined by the size of modular building that we will design with your thoughts and needs in mind.

4. Sustainability

One of the major benefits of modular buildings is their sustainability. Prefabricated buildings are usually portable meaning we transport them to your location, where they will become permanent building system.

5. Cost Effective

Modular buildings are sustainable because they are of high quality which meets the set safety standards and can last up to 35 years.

School Sector Expertise

Cotaplan provide numerous modular classroom solutions for secondary and sixth form departments including refurbished and recycled systems. If a pre-made solution is not possible, Cotaplan even offer the possibility of modular flat pack which allow buildings to be constructed on site when large loads are difficult to deliver. Read more about our modular flat pack case study for Southmead School.  All modular systems offer complete secondary turnkey solutions for all types of educational needs which include:

Pre-school: Crèche, nurseries, playrooms

Primary: Teaching rooms, music rooms, KS1, KS2 & KS3 classrooms, subject classrooms, (SEN) classrooms

Complete Schools: Individual classrooms, after school classrooms, sports halls, multi storey classrooms, specialised teaching facilities, subject based departments, sports hall, ICT suites, special educational needs (SEN)

Secondary Schools & Academies: Sixth forms, teaching blocks, staff rooms, common rooms, self-study rooms

Find out why secondary schools and academies have turned to Cotaplan to help with classroom needs 

With a full turn key package available that incorporates design, planning, operation, delivery, installation and fitting to name a few, our package is adaptable to suit plans and budget requirements. Cotaplans flexible package options has led to full completion at a number of secondary and academy school sites in the UK, ranging from 1 and 2 storey level floors.  With many ex stock classrooms for sale at Cotaplan, we are able to save schools money by incorporating panels such as reusing flooring. With the talent of workmanship at Cotaplan, we are able to refurbished ex stock modular panels and build them into the design of new pre- fabricated panels for even bespoke briefs. To find out more about refurbished modular systems by Cotaplan, read about our University of Cumbria modular system.