Modular Primary School Buildings

 There has been much advancement in the building and construction industry with emergence of award winning innovation models. Schools are among the beneficiaries of such advancements and modular classrooms can now be delivered to any location and installed within the shortest times ever witnessed.  Modular systems are cleverly designed that it is even hard to recognise when a school has a modular classroom extension.

Cotaplan offer modular primary schools with designed classrooms that can comfortably accommodate as few as eight children to student numbers of more than a hundred pupils. Cotaplans modular methods allow for schools to choose comprehensive designs that can equal the durability, comfort and structural strength of conventional buildings. So when teaching and learning take place, pupils and teachers will not feel anything but the joy and comfort of a secure, well designed classroom facility.

Advantages of modular schools

Cotaplan have a long standing commitment to providing schools with portable modular solutions. Some schools have enjoyed the benefits of Cotaplans modular solutions that they have invested in permanent building solutions during school redevelopment and refurbishments. While Cotaplan have spoken to many local authorities and school boards, child occupancy is on the rise and current facilities do not always correlate.  Cotaplan solutions are simple and flexible meaning whether financial investment is available long term or short term, there is a option to suit any school requirements, temporary or permanent.

Schools are choosing modular classrooms as permanent buildings structures because they present various benefits logistically and practically.  They provide excellent options for teaching and learning activities when original classrooms are undergoing refurbishments or rebuilding without disrupting teaching programmes taking place.

  • They can be customised in colour, cladding and flooring and ceiling even including height.
  • An modular can be adapted to any traditional brick structure and constructed to suite the specific learning institution.
  • Each modular are modelled for single room, double rooms or stacks of many rooms that can accommodate all grades of a primary school or college.


At Cotaplan we regularly design and plan school building systems with:

Local Education Authorities, School Governors, Consultants, Architects, Facility Managers, Headmasters, Teachers and Learning Charities.

School Sector Expertise

Cotaplan provide numerous classroom solutions including refurbished and recycled and even offer the possibility of modular flat pack which allow buildings to be constructed on site when large loads are difficult to deliver. Read more about our modular flat pack case study for Southmead School. All modular systems offer complete turnkey solutions for all types of educational needs which include:

Pre-school: Crèche, nursery, playrooms

Primary: Teaching blocks, breakfast clubs, KS1, KS2 & KS3 classrooms, sports halls, multi-functional classrooms, ICT Classrooms, special educational needs (SEN) classrooms

Complete Schools: Individual classrooms, after school buildings, sports halls, multi storey classrooms, specialised teaching facilities, music performing arts, subject based departments including science blocks or libraries, sports hall, ICT suites, special educational needs (SEN)

Secondary Schools & Academies: Sixth forms, teaching blocks, staff rooms, common rooms, study rooms

University Campus: Lecture theatres, ICT suites, Staff rooms, communal/ common areas, subject based classrooms

Find out why primary schools have turned to Cotaplan to help with primary classroom needs

With a full turn key package available that suitably incorporates lead design, planning, operational logistics, transport and delivery, installation and fitting to name a few, our package is adaptable to suit plans and budget requirements. With flexible package options to suit a new or additional primary school, we have successfully installed a number of classroom facilities ranging from 1 and 2 storey level floors across the UK. With many ex stock classrooms for sale from Cotaplan, we make a conscious commitment with every school, that Cotaplan are able to save schools money.  One of the reasons why Cotaplan are able to deliver this commitment is by helping schools to take part in reducing carbon footprint. Sustainability has also been part of Cotaplans core values and with the talent of workmanship at Cotaplan, are able to refurbish ex stock modular panels and build them into the design of the chosen school facility. Why not read about Holy Family Primary School.