Modular Nursery Classrooms

Modular nursery buildings are becoming popular cost effective accommodation for public and private sector nurseries. Modular buildings are not something new, but in fact unless you look closely, it can sometimes be hard to tell when a building is made from a prefabricated modular construction. Design and manufacturing developments over the last 30 years have come a long way and now can be customised to look pleasing to the eye and to accommodate any number of people. 

It is important for the building design chosen, that it suitably meets the requirements inside and out. Modular nursery classrooms can now be designed to be bespoke to suit your branding and learning requirements. This means the modular design can be finished with colourful rooms and creative murals to help with the learning ambiance. Exterior and practical facilities such as door hinge finger guards and friendly toilets can be fitted into any nursery building.

Cotaplan ensure no stone is left unturned in making your nursery accommodation requirements realistic and affordable.

Because of the construction methods, ingenuity and stock holds, Cotaplan believe price is not an issue when helping to achieve a new or extending nursery. By working around any given budget, Cotaplan have been able to successfully assemble nurseries even at short notice whilst adhering to complying with

  • Ofsted National Daycare Regulations
  • Child Protection Act guidelines
  • Equality Act 2010
  • the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act (SENDA)

Eco-friendly Design and Construction

Whilst government and councils are making every effort to reduce carbon emissions within their public sector services, modular buildings provide a ideal opportunity to save on making any further increases to their carbon footprints. In fact, modular nursey systems use far less carbon traces where a reduction can be seen in building materials, resources and transportation costs.

Modular Building Resources

If you want to know more about carbon emission and the UK carbon footprint, visit “modular buildings save energy.”

Feel Safe and Secure in a Modular Nursey

Modular constructions offer multi-purpose protection. They are fire resistant, weatherproof, and mold-resistant. During the construction process, several inspections are conducted to the modular building to ensure that it has superior quality and also reduce possible risks related with poor building performance.

Package comes with Flexibility

Cotaplan provide a flexible turn key package which can be bespoke to your design and practical requirements.

Low Maintenance

Many people believe that modular buildings are below the required standard but that is far from the truth. Generally, modular constructions are cheaper to maintain and run compared to traditional buildings. Therefore, by constructing a modular nursery and modular building you can be able to save lots of money for many years to come particularly with the stiff economy that has led to rise in electricity and gas prices.

Increased Efficiency

This type of construction comes with minimal gaps on the building, which controls the tightness that induces improved indoor air quality.

Finish and Fitting Options

Modular nursery systems are designed using prefabricated boards. Cotaplan hold recycled construction parts which through design and engineering can be quickly adapted to offer any nursery countless design possibilities and options and that can be suitable for your needs. There is a wide range of design plans you can choose from in which a variety of options to customise the nursery on or off plan.


Find out why nurseries have turned to Cotaplan to help with building needs 

Whilst Cotaplan have supplied numerous design plans leading to full completion at a number of nursery sites in the UK, the buildings have all been very different modular constructions, ranging from 1 or 2 storey level floors. Cotaplan believe customers choose modular services because of the wide range of ways Cotaplan can adapt and deliver a modular building. With many ex stock classrooms for sale at Cotaplan, the workmanship produced in designing new or recycled pre fabricated panels are high quality and exceed in craftsmanship for even bespoke briefs. To find out about completed modular systems by Cotaplan, browse  the nursery case studies: