Modular Music Classrooms

When education is embraced by children, it is one of the most fulfilling factors of working in school education. From a teaching perspective, there are many factors that contribute to ensuring children learn and develop in the classroom. Learning styles have been the foundation of school achievements across the board in which schools has adapted different methods and activities to instil learning and concentration in pupils.

Music and performing arts has for many decades been an element in school curricular which both primary and secondary schools have embraced as a learning activity to KS4.

At present music rooms in many schools have been used in conjunction of using any classroom. In fact, when music is performed by any number of people, propels quite a beguilement noise to the rest of the school. To consider making a classroom to a music room can not always be the right solution.

Why are modular classrooms suitable for music and performing arts?

Investing in a modular classroom solution can become the foundation of a music centre for the school and the nearby area, allowing extra curricular activities and for the school to celebrate performing arts in its own right. A decided music centre opens up a whole new avenue to make a school an attractive schools that invites parents to see the opportunities for their child to be involved in during education and personal development.

Let Cotaplan design  the best modular school music solution

Acoustical separations 

There is a possibility of the room being next to an instructional building which can range from a dance studio to a quiet library. It is best to avoid conflicting adjacencies. If this is not possible then it is imperative that the sound from the music room is contained within it only. This is where good architectural planning of the modular room comes into play. Identification of areas where separations will be required should be taken into consideration early in the process so that they can be included in the construction plans later.

Important performance-support features 

A music room is a unique room where even small things matter the most. As a matter of fact, those small things provide character to the space and help the room to still lend support to other uses required.  By working with Cotaplan, your modular facility can be designed to a number of specifications and incorporated to the size of school.

Some essential features include:

  • Enough power outlets to power electrical musical instruments.
  • Lighting system to support rehearsals and performances of the students.
  • A few soundproof private practice cabins.
  • Storage space for variety of instruments such as music stands, chairs and instruments.
  • Internal acoustics of the room.

Find out why schools have turned to Cotaplan to help with modular music classroom needs

There is more than one way to create a desirable, practical learning or performing music room for a school with Cotaplan modular solutions. Offering a full turn key package Cotaplan can cleverly incorporate refurbished, recycled ex stock modular solutions to meet your budget. With 30 years of technical know how and experience in modular adaptations for 1 or 2 storey buildings, there isn’t anything Cotaplan cannot do to meet your budget.

With expertise in lead design, planning, operational logistics, transport and delivery, installation and fitting will ensure that Cotaplan can commit and deliver on time.

Having successfully installed a number of modular classroom facilities including 1 and 2 storey level floors across the education sector in the UK, defines the exceptional work carried out from start to finish.

As a core brand value, sustainability plays a integral part to the products and services provided, which for many of Cotaplans customers has helped to help support efforts schools are making towards their carbon footprint. Read more about schools saving carbon footprints with modular builds.