Lynch Hill Primary School

Lynch Hill Primary School

Purpose of Application: Refurbished classroom building
Building: KS2 new classroom modular building
Project: Lynch Hill Primary School
Location: Slough, SL2 2AN

Brief: Cotaplan entered into the design, supply and installation of a 4no classroom and ancillary block that was to enable a modular building to connect with the existing school. With Cotaplans diverse range of ex modular stocks and modular components, the project was able to deliver a unique way of delivering a highly robust building infrastructure utilising part new and refurbished building panels. Ultimately recycling and meeting carbon and green policies and most importantly achieving value for money without comprising on overall performance or quality.

Choosing Refurbished modular buildings: In order for Cotaplan to ensure that firstly, the part new and refurbished modular structure fitted with the existing building and ancillary was to ensure the pre design linking corridor was to accurately meet the factory designs requirements.
Recycled flooring and roof components where incorporated into the building design which where refurbished to give the building a more solid and quieter suspended floor system. The refurbished roof meant that a quieter roof could be designed and higher ceilings would be implemented as part of this development. The design elements of the build were to keep a traditional external theme, which a render and brickwork finish was carried out.

Key Project Features

  • Flexibility of design including linkage to existing buildings
  • A more robust construction
  • Quiet, more solid suspended floor system
  • Quieter roof
  • Higher ceilings
  • Traditional external finish – Render and Brickwork
  • Faster construction time
  • Fixed project price