ICT Classrooms

Thanks to advancement in technology, education institutions can now take advantage of I.T modular classrooms that are flexible, quick and cost effective offering valuable solutions for increasing and changing demographics. You can acquire ICT classrooms from Cotaplan that will be delivered fully furnished and provide all the data systems you need for teaching and learning ICT with pupils.

Modular Constructions for Primary Schools

As I.T becomes an ever more crucial subject on primary education Key Stage 1 curricular and having the right I.T facilities for teaching pupils without the additional space can prevent children and teachers because of the lack of resources and engagement from children required. Cotaplan IT modular classrooms are one of the best optional facility ideas for school extensions.

Primary schools Cotaplan have delivered suitable classroom facilities for including Lynch Hill Primary School have chosen modular classroom extensions as a permanent addition because logistically, modular’s present a number of benefits financially. Cotaplan are proud to of helped a number of primary schools offering a financial solution that is affordable and right for them.

Design and Build a Modular ICT Classroom

When designing a purpose built classroom space for teaching, Cotaplan can build any classroom to any dimension space that can exceed Department for Education guidelines. Choosing the size of the classroom can be designed in a number of ways and can easily be adapted to construct even a duplex 2 storey or dual classrooms to accommodate toilet and cloakroom facilities so your pupils have full facility access allowing for monitoring with out needing to enter the main school building.

Whether you are purchasing a new modular classroom or customising a used classroom to refurbish, there are a number of exterior elements that can be customised to match or improve the look of your schools. Cotaplan can deliver a number of coloured cladding, brick styles and pre-fabricated panels.

ICT Classroom Features

  • Insulted walls, flooring and ceiling
  • Choose the number of windows and child locking devices
  • Add low temperature electric heaters or temperature controlled features
  • Choose flooring material kind to allergy sufferers
  • Ceiling height can be adapted
  • Data and multi cable ports for ICT equipment

Cotaplan work with

Local Education Authorities, School Governors, Consultants, Architects, Facility Managers, Headmasters, Teachers and Learning Charities. School Sector Expertise

Find out why schools have turned to Cotaplan to help with ICT classroom needs

Contact Cotaplan and find out how a modular classroom can be the affordable option to incorporating a ICT classroom learning facility.


Cotaplans Commitment to being environmentally friendly

Cotaplan are proud to offer a variety of new,, refurbished and ex stock modular classroom buildings for any school tertiary.  This means, Cotaplan can refurbish any prefabricated modular systems with customised panels which helps cut costs but at the same time means they contribute to  helping with the environment and preventing them going to landfill and reducing the carbon footprint including transportation.

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