About Us

We have been in the modular building business for more than 30 years in the United Kingdom and have grown as a business and by reputation as one of the best school building designers in new and used modular constructions.

Our Mission

To provide adequate satisfaction and generate more trust from our customers by construction of quality buildings and by also offering the highest quality services. For the past 30 years we have continued to innovate and develop outstanding school buildings by successfully meeting all the challenges involved when it comes to high-quality construction and budgets with time constraints.

Through our extensive experience of modular operation, we have a wealth of talented craftsmanship enabling our company to provide sustainability by reusing, refurbishing and recycling pre owned modular panels.

Great Customer Service

Customer satisfaction and integrity take top place in our organization which is why we uphold the very high standards. Whether you are looking to buy or hire a building, we assure you that your project will meet the deadline given. We continue to improve our customer service by frequently exploring new ideas and are ready to listen to any of your needs and feedback and concerns which we will fully address.

The Cotaplan Brand

Since its inception in 1982, Cotaplan have grown as a brand and become one credible player in portable and modular education sector.  We work hard to achieve the wide brand recognition and continue to strongly protect it by continuing to offer only the best of services. Buildings constructed by Cotaplan are built under strict quality control and comply with building regulation and planning controls.

Saving The Environment

As an integral value of the Cotaplan brand, saving the environment is something we look showcase to school bodies and local authorities in such a way that some schools we have designed and built have been constructed with recycled and refurbished parts. Therefore we have adopted an environmentally friendly construction methods without sacrificing the quality in any way. Since our company practices recycling, the government also recognise that this method as the most efficient when it comes to provision of new school accommodation that uses lower than 10% of the overall energy required.

Health & Safety

With a Cotaplan building, every building has to be observed through many governing bodies to ensure all safety standards when it comes to school developments and extensions.  Our buildings are reputed for their high standards of safety and every one of our staff is fully trained and qualified to ensure that they carry out their duties appropriately while putting health and safety on the forefront of every project.

We are fully insured to further guarantee the safety of everyone in our buildings during the construction process.